Hat Ranch Cab Franc Vineyard

A great wine begins in the vineyard. Our first harvest yielded a very special Dry Moscato. Don't prejudge this wine by the varietal name. It is very different. This year, 2016, we will be harvesting our first Estate-Grown red, Cabernet Franc, as well as our Dry Moscato and Sauvignon Blanc.


We planted our vineyard in Idaho because we believe in the special climate and soils (called "terroir") in the Snake River Valley that makes this place a world-class wine growing region. We selected this location specifically to make wine. That's Right! The Snake River Valley in Southwestern Idaho is a world-class wine region. It is similar to Washington but has it's own microclimate distinction, as well as a marvelous wine community.


Will Wetmore

We make our wines with dedicated care to each small batch. When the time is exactly right to pick the grapes, they are expertly harvested and sorted. Then we make each small lot by hand with careful attention to things like temperature, pH, and other important factors. This process is a labor of love. Harvest season is called "Crush" in the wine world. It is a time of lots of hard work and very little sleep for our winemaking team. The results are worth it.


In 2016, HAT Ranch Winery and Vineyard and Vale Wine Company took home SEVEN MEDALS at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition! This is the largest competition of American wines in the world.

Tasting Room

Tasting Room 2016

Our Tasting Room has a view of the vineyard and of the Owyhee mountain range. It is beautiful in all seasons. Located on the Sunnyslope Wine Trail just 40 minutes from downtown Boise or the airport.

Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting

All of the wines from HAT Ranch Winery and Vale Wine Company are for sale in the tasting room. On any given day, five of the wines are open for you to sample. We rotate those five wines so that you might try something different at each visit. Some of the wines are new releases and some are almost sold-out.

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